Tuesday, February 3, 2009

EVE's PLUMB is dead to me

I love love love Eve's Plumb.. Love them. 1990's grunge female fronted,bad ass band. So great. I own all of the music. Check it out.

Today I have had my dreams driven straight and fast into the ground. I found out that the singer re-invented herself and turned into VITAMIN C... AAAGGHHH
And to push the disappointment further into my heart. This, my friends is a Graduation song...

I Hate Hate Hate Graduation songs. "wish this night could last forever,..","friends forever", "our last night",.. ugh.
Although I may write my own in order to cash in. I have to learn to dance first. Oh and Vitamin C, stay away from the 80's classics.



J. Elizabeth said...

I hate that crap! Don't you feel so duped when you realize that a band you really liked was invented by producers all New-kids-on-the-block style, and not the group you thought formed out of a mutual love of music? ITS FAKE! GUH!

I agree.


Lisa said...

yeah I just started reading your blog and have to say Thanks a fucking lot! I got to fall in love with Eve's Plum and hate them in the same few minutes. Wow they were a great band I don't know how I missed them. Im so afraid I'm going to find out that the chic from Madder Rose is really Britney Spears.