Thursday, March 19, 2009

WSVX Shellbyville Indiana

Brownie, Torretta Lynn, Dora the Destroyer, and myself were on the radio this morning promoting NRG....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Naptown Roller Girls' - Warning Belles vs. Roller Girls of Central Kentucky

First of all, I love roller derby. Second of all, all roller derby should be on saturdays. Third of all, this game was on Sunday. Fourth of all , I should own a castle.

I rode in one of the 2 vans taking the Naptown's Warning Belles to do battle with the Roller Girls of Central Kentucky. I learned a lot on that ride, we discussed everything from movies to Cisco Adlers balls (google that but not at work).

Brownie and I were requested to help as ROCK had a new announcer as this would be his second bout. When we arrived the girls went to Health Food Store to eat before the bout. Brownie (the other 50% of 100% of the hottest roller derby announcers in indiana) and I have a tradition. We have to have a cheeseburger (with bacon if available) and BEER before we go to each bout. Luckily we found a place next to the health food store. It was a chain but it was OK and had what we needed.

onion loaf


Mike Lightning found us and joined in for "the first ever unofficial Dill and Brownie, lexington Kentucky Pre Bout Hang Out with special guest Mike Lightning". T.F.E.U.D.A.B.L.K.P.B.H.O.W.S.G.M.L. for short.

After that we headed to the rink. When we arrived we found out that we would have to wait for a list to get in.

The list thing was soon figured out and we went in to find one of Lexington Kentucky's hidden treasures...

that's right.. a bar in the skating rink. I bet you thought I was going to say this castle.... nope.

After checking out the place we had some time to kill as we had to wait for open skate to be, we went to the van and lounged. I caught video of Brownie explaining what we had done up to that point.

We finally got things going and the game had started. The announcer (Uncle Bill) was a radio DJ in his other life and so he was really good. He had a good voice and could talk without issue. After a few more bouts and getting some of the rules down, he will be great. They also were using JoeXJoe or Joe Core for an "on the floor " announcer. He is a ref by trade and only announced when a penalty or something needed to be explained. It worked out real well. I recorded the final jam. At this point the Belles had a huge lead and the home audience wasn't too cheery....

The after party was at the rink. Brownie and I, being men of invention, created the ultimate pita sandwiches..

We also interview some of the Warning Belles and the Coach..

I wanted to know if roller girls get nervous when the national anthem starts. (it's not the anthem itself that makes them nervous,,right after it s through the game begins)

Amercia's Next Top Mauler!...# 3-2-1 Katya Lookin'

Pick Your Poison!... #16 - Noxious Donna (sorry knitters)

We came home that night. I got in at 3:30 am and went in to open the coffee shop at 5. ugh.. i hate sunday bouts,, but I love roller derby. The girls of ROCK were cool but I didnt get to spend much time talking to them..

final score was 51 to 146 in favor of the Belle's. Naptown Roller Girls B team has had a great season so far and I can't believe how far they have come from watching them in Evensville in December.. It's a rematch coming up next month. I am so excited...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dressing Rooms for Roller Derby Announcers

People have asked , "hey Dill, what is it like being an announcer for roller derby?" .

Well, It's hard to say everything without writing a book and having it published, collecting huge checks and going on college speaking tours, partying at said colleges and then getting more money for youe "talk". So, I will write a little bit at a time. Lets start with the dressing rooms. We, as announcers, have a high standard of fashion. With some announcers it is wigs and funny shoes, some have dofferent hats, some wear nothing at all. Brownie and I wear suits and I wear a hat. Regardless we need a dressing room. it always depends on the facility. Naptown roller girls have bouts at the state fair ground. Our dressing room is the public tiolet. State fairgrounds and public toilets add a certain jena se qua to the experience. Sheep have used these toilets.

Then we have Evansville. I will let the video do the talking

pure class. so now you have a sneak look into the dressing room life of a roller derby announcer.