Thursday, March 20, 2008


Has this ever happened to you? You come home from a 2 month business trip. You get home and are getting ready to go to your "WELCOME BACK" party. Your husband (or significant other) goes to get your dildo out of your suitcase. BLAMMO, it is taped up with a huge amount of "INSPECTED" stickers from airport security.

Well this happened to my good friend who we will call her "K-riZ-10". Her husband had the foresight to video the shocking experience.

I interviewed her at the Welcome Back party.

The interview describes the purchase and subsequent discovery by the security inspectors.

dill- alright tell me that again
k - about the ibuzz?
dill - your friend bought...
k- my freind bought the ibuzz,
k-the ibuzz, you know, you, whenever you plug it into your ipod it goes to the beat of the music which she says is pretty fantastic
d- ppfffhh , was it on sale?
k - no it was not on sale.
d- but the brontosaurus was?
k-the brontosaurs was 98, i got it down to 27.99
-d- you got it down to 27.99, did you talk it down or was it already on sale?
k- it was already 27.99
d-oh my god
k- i know, i know
d-and were you embarrassed? .. embarrassed with this thing.. when you opened your suitcase?
k-when i opened my suitcase, when i saw the note written on my vibrator,
d- yeah
k- all it said to me was..inspected
d- (laugh)
k- because as many times as the tape was wrapped around, somebody groped the end, because they had to wrap it around the other end

well that's it. people be aware. this could happen to you.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dill's first blog

I had a couple of ideas, as this is my very first blog. But the more I think about them the more I think "these are probably what all blogs first entries say"... I thought about "Hey I am blogging, yeah" also "Big deal another blog..who cares"..

I did realize that this blog is a BIG DEAL. Why? Because I am lazy. I probably won't update very often. Look I am only a couple of sentences in and I am thinking "well thats good enough for now"..

I was going to stop at that last sentence but I didn't. You know what that makes me..Do you internet?.. UNPREDICTABLE.

So anyway I have some ideas that make me laugh and I will post those and other various life happenings. That , you see, will make it easier for stalkers to get to me and stalk. I leave you for now with this..