Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gnome is being tortured


that is all the e-mail said.. my poor poor baby gnome.. He is either being eaten or breathed hard upon,,, whatever the case.. he is being tortured... agghhhhh

I will hunt those that hurt my gnome

Baby Gnome is being mis treated

This came in from baby gnome

"Dad: I think my kidnapper likes me. She's been taking good care. Sometime today while riding around with her I fell out of my cup holder causing a cut on my head (see below). It was worse. She stitched me up though. That's why I think she's taking a liking to me. She takes me everywhere. Feeds me. Talks to me. It's not so awful being kidnapped. She said we are going for pizza later too! I sure do miss you though."


Monday, June 29, 2009

Gnome is GONE

Sometime during this weekends festivities my gnome (called "baby gnome" by the kidnappers) has gone missing.

I know i was irresponsible to take him with me. Some might say that I shouldn't have left him in the car to go party. I thought that, just like kids, if you don't want to take care of them then just leave them out in the parking lot and the state will baby sit for you. Well the state wasn't fast enough and some cold hearted gnome-napper took my gnome. My poor baby gnome.

They sent this picture..

with this information
"I have your baby gnome. He is on a trip to Ohio. Watch for further details."

Then this..

All it says is "Im ok - I is swimming"

I am not sure if baby gnome even knows how to type OR SWIM, what with no hands and all.

I will keep everyone informed and I know your hearts go out to me during this awful time.

I will get my baby gnome back.......PLEASE DON'T HURT or TEACH HIM BAD THINGS.