Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dressing Rooms for Roller Derby Announcers

People have asked , "hey Dill, what is it like being an announcer for roller derby?" .

Well, It's hard to say everything without writing a book and having it published, collecting huge checks and going on college speaking tours, partying at said colleges and then getting more money for youe "talk". So, I will write a little bit at a time. Lets start with the dressing rooms. We, as announcers, have a high standard of fashion. With some announcers it is wigs and funny shoes, some have dofferent hats, some wear nothing at all. Brownie and I wear suits and I wear a hat. Regardless we need a dressing room. it always depends on the facility. Naptown roller girls have bouts at the state fair ground. Our dressing room is the public tiolet. State fairgrounds and public toilets add a certain jena se qua to the experience. Sheep have used these toilets.

Then we have Evansville. I will let the video do the talking

pure class. so now you have a sneak look into the dressing room life of a roller derby announcer.

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Biker Dave said... the name of all that is holy tell us MORE. And we want every lil dirty detail. Welll... I do anyway.