Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dill's first blog

I had a couple of ideas, as this is my very first blog. But the more I think about them the more I think "these are probably what all blogs first entries say"... I thought about "Hey I am blogging, yeah" also "Big deal another blog..who cares"..

I did realize that this blog is a BIG DEAL. Why? Because I am lazy. I probably won't update very often. Look I am only a couple of sentences in and I am thinking "well thats good enough for now"..

I was going to stop at that last sentence but I didn't. You know what that makes me..Do you internet?.. UNPREDICTABLE.

So anyway I have some ideas that make me laugh and I will post those and other various life happenings. That , you see, will make it easier for stalkers to get to me and stalk. I leave you for now with this..

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