Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flooded out

So all of a sudden on June 7th central indiana flooded out. This is video of Main St. Greenwood Indiana at 11:30 am..

Brownie and Sweet C (of Naptown Roller Girl Fame) and myself were headed towards Evansville to Help The Demolition City Roller Girls Dynamite Dolls with a bout. We made it through, the Ref crew, that wa behind us, did not. They closed all the roads and interstates right after we got through.

Oh and Brownie and Sweet C got there Stimulus check in case you didn't pay attention to the beginning of the vid. We haven't got ours yet. I need to stimulate the hell out of my debt, if you know what I'm sayin.


Candice said...

Citizen journalism rules.

I can't believe I missed the earthquake, the tornado and now Noah-style flooding. I need to make it back before the frog plague comes. I like frogs.

Who reffed the bout if the guys behind you didn't make it?

Dill Her0 said...

refs from bloomington took the place of the other refs.. they did a great job