Friday, December 19, 2008


A friend of mine once said that when he dies he wants to be cremated and have his ashes thrown at people he didnt like. Thats funny.

I turn 40 on Christmas day. I am not upset by it. I mean I don't feel old yet so whats the big deal.
I'll tell you what the big deal is. THE COMMERCIAL. THE DAMNED COMMERCIAL.

"HERE IS AN URGENT MESSAGE FOR ANYONE BORN BETWEEN 1922 AND 1968. " Thats Me. I finally made it to the end of the commercial road. This is the final mile stone. I now qualify for to make it easier on my loved ones and friends when I am dead. Great. O.K.

What do I want when I die?(besides being back alive) hmmm. well I want an Irish wake. Also before the wake , when they put me in the ground, I want a song to be played. A deep thought provoking song that makes people cry and cry. I would say play Devo - through being cool

., but out of respect for my wife (who hates DEVO {crazy}),I will pick something else..hmm, what to pick ,,what about "One" from MEtallica, or at least the Polysics version

I don't know. , if you have any ideas please comment.

Enough about gloom and doom. lets talk about christmas parties. I am going to act like a 5th grader with a 6 pack of PBR this weekend. Thats right. I'm getting drunk. Don't judge me. So what if I am naked from the waste down and drunk texting people that I hardly know. After it's over I will say I wont drink again and then 2 weeks later call the season opener of Naptown Roller Derby. (that means drinking). YEAH.

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